Since 1948, the Kentucky State Police has had a rich tradition of providing professional services within and outside of our state’s borders.  This level of service continues today despite the growing demands on each and every branch of the agency.  Like many others in state government, the Kentucky State Police have been hard hit with budgetary cuts.  Simply stated, there is not enough money to fund the required programs, training functions, and other duties the agency has long provided.  Together we can help change this funding shortage.

The Kentucky State Police Foundation was created to collaborate with corporate and private donors to ensure our Commonwealth’s premiere law enforcement agency is fully equipped and capable of responding to any need our citizenry needs.  Your donations through this program will be used to obtain the equipment and materials needed for agency employees to continue to provide their unequaled service to Kentucky’s great communities and the mission of the Kentucky State Police.

The Kentucky State Police Foundation presents a level of flexibility for every donor.  Should you wish to sponsor a specific program not otherwise listed, we can earmark your donation to ensure the funds are used appropriately.  Please contact us for details.