KSP Foundation Board Participates in KSP Memorial Service

FRANKFORT, Ky. (May 25, 2017) – Kentucky State Police Foundation Board Members attended the KSP Memorial Service and wreath laying ceremony honoring 30 fallen KSP troopers and officers.

Luther Deaton and Andrea Hayes presented KSP Commissioner Rick Sanders with a wreath, donated by the Foundation that was officially placed during the ceremony by Lt. Governor Jenean Hampton.

Hampton joined Justice Cabinet Secretary John Tilley and Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rick Sanders to remember fallen KSP troopers and officers at a memorial service and wreath-laying ceremony held today at the KSP Training Academy in Frankfort.

“We are here to honor those who gave their lives in the line of duty and recognize the sacrifices of their families,” said Lt. Gov. Hampton. “The courage, compassion, and commitment of not only fallen officers, but of all officers across Kentucky is truly humbling.”

“There is no greater measure of commitment than sacrificing one’s life for the safety and security of others,” said Secretary Tilley. “Not only on this day, but every day, it’s our duty to honor our fallen heroes and their families by making the most of what they have given us.”

KSP Commissioner Rick Sanders provided a heartfelt message to all of the fallen officer family members in attendance at the ceremony.

“We will continue to honor our fallen officers to ensure that those who dedicated their lives to the Commonwealth of Kentucky will never be forgotten,” said Sanders. “Their service and ultimate sacrifice inspire us all, and we will never forget them or the families they left behind.”

KSP Foundation Board Members Luther Deaton and Andrea Hayes presented Commissioner Rick Sanders and Lt. Michael Webb with a wreath the Foundation donated for the KSP Fallen Officer Memorial Ceremony today. A beautiful ceremony honoring the sacrifices of KSP Troopers and Officers.

The Foundation was established to support the mission of the Kentucky State Police with an additional focus on Trooper Island Camp.


Thirty Kentucky State Police troopers and officers have died in the line of duty since the agency was established in 1948. They include:

Trooper Harold J. Toll: November 14, 1948

Trooper Robert R. Miller: February 14, 1951

Trooper Lee T. Huffman: May 19, 1953

Trooper Herbert C. Bush: October 11, 1958

Trooper William E. Tevis: May 26, 1963

Trooper Elmer Mobely Jr.: May 28, 1964

Trooper Cecil W. Uzzle: May 28, 1964

Trooper Delano G. Powell: July 8, 1965

Trooper Mack E. Brady: November 9, 1966

Trooper William Barrett: December 19, 1971

Trooper James McNeely: April 8, 1972

KSP Water Patrol Officer David Childs, April, 8, 1972

Trooper Walter O. Thurtell: September 29, 1972

Trooper Joe Ward Jr.: April 23, 1973

Lieutenant William C. Smith: April 26, 1973

Trooper John Hutchinson: June 4, 1975

Trooper Bobby McCoun: September 1, 1975

Trooper William Pickard: January 21, 1976

Lieutenant Willis Martin: April 26, 1977

Trooper Clinton Cunningham: February 11, 1979

Trooper Edward Harris: November 7, 1979

Trooper Jerome S. Clifton: October 1, 1980

Detective Darrell V. Phelps: August 7, 1981

Trooper Johnny M. Edrington: December 21, 1988

Trooper Johnny G. Adkins: November 24, 1995

CVE Officer Jason Cammack: April 23, 2000

Trooper Jonathan K. Leonard: December 19, 2006

Trooper Anson B. Tribby: January 22, 2013

Trooper Eric K. Chrisman: June 23, 2015

Trooper Joseph C. Ponder: September 13, 2015


Photo captions:

Luther Deaton and Andrea Hayes presented Commissioner Rick Sanders and Lt. Michael Webb with a wreath the Foundation donated for the KSP Fallen Officer Memorial Ceremony.

Lt. Gov. Hampton salutes a wreath at an indoor ceremony on the campus of the Kentucky State Police Academy in remembrance of the 30 fallen troopers and officers of the Kentucky State Police.