The mission of the Kentucky State Police Foundation is to support the agency and its employees through partnerships with the community and the private sector to promote the interests of the Kentucky State Police in service to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

Through the financial support of public and corporate partnerships, the foundation provides necessary equipment, training and other resources when normal funding streams are not sufficient.

The Foundation performs community outreach and support to promote public confidence and understanding of police activities.

Finally, the Foundation is committed to the continued operation and success of Trooper Island Camp and the Trooper Project.

Board of Directors

Luther Deaton Jr.


Connie Hale

Secretary / Treasurer

Tammy York Day

Board Member

Ted Bassett

Board Member

Andrea Hayes

Board Member

Stewart Perry

Board Member

Tyler Adkins

Board member

Regina Stivers

Vice President

Matt Feltner

Legal Counsel

Carol McIvor

Board member

Hank Patton

Executive Director

Our Programs

The KSP Needs Your Help!

Since 1948, the Kentucky State Police has had a rich tradition of providingprofessional services within and outside of our state’s borders.  This level of service continues today despite the growing demands on each and every branch of the agency.  Like many others in state government, the Kentucky State Police have been hard hit with budgetary cuts.  Simply stated, there is not enough money to fund the required programs, training functions, and other duties the agency has long provided.  Together we can help change this funding shortage.

The Kentucky State Police Foundation was created to collaborate with corporate and private donors to ensure our Commonwealth’s premiere law enforcement agency is fully equipped and capable of responding to any need our citizenry needs.  Your donations through this program will be used to obtain the equipment and materials needed for agency employees to continue to provide their unequaled service to Kentucky’s great communities and the mission of the Kentucky State Police.

The Kentucky State Police Foundation presents a level of flexibility for every donor.  Should you wish to sponsor a specific program not otherwise listed, we can earmark your donation to ensure the funds are used appropriately.  Please contact us for details.

A Place Where the Tensions and Turmoil of Our Everyday Lives Can Be Forgotten

Trooper Island Camp was developed by the Kentucky State Police as part of a long range program of public service to the youth of Kentucky: a place where the tensions and turmoil of our everyday lives can be forgotten; and for one week young people can be given a touch of hope and desire of a better tomorrow.

Spearheaded by former State Police Director, Colonel James E. Bassett, the idea was to establish a permanent recreational site where trooper and child could share a week long experience.

A location was selected in a secluded corner of Dale Hollow Lake near the Cumberland and Clinton County line, where an island was leased from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and a non-profit charitable corporation was formed.

It’s the most tragic of times. And when the KSP family is at its lowest, is when we must step up to show our support and honor the dedication to duty.

Your donation can help with various needs. Funeral expenses, travel and lodging for family, food, and anything else they need.

“I have honored my commitment to serve and protect, for which I have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of service above self.”

Employee education incentives were cut from the Kentucky State Police budget many years ago forcing agency employees to fully fund any advanced education opportunity they may wish to pursue.  While state salaries continue to remain flat, the price of continuing education continues to climb resulting in the unfortunate but necessary cut of education from the agency and employees personal budgets.

All employees of the Kentucky State Police strive for perfection. In that pursuit, consistent education and training is necessary to keep skills sharp and stay up to date on the latest methods to improve service to all citizens of our Commonwealth.  Troopers, laboratory and forensic scientists, computer technologists, program analysts and many other employees of the Kentucky State Police spend hours in various classes geared toward their specialized branch. Regardless of the type of training, tuition has to be paid.

With your help, the Kentucky State Police Foundation will institute an Employee Scholarship program designed to advance the education of all employees.  Our plan presents a holistic approach to improving employee knowledge and service to our Commonwealth.  Whether through a college / university degree program, a certification course, training conference or executive level leadership, your donation will ensure the professional men and women of the Kentucky State Police are among the best trained in the nation.